Reports that surfaced from various news outlets noted that a mass shooting in a Miami club resulted in the death of two people along with more than 20 people being injured.

The incident went down on early Sunday (May 30), and officers who were on the scene say that three people got out of a white SUV and started firing off assault weapons and handguns at people who were at the El Mula Banquet Hall in Hialeah, a small city in Miami. The event being held at the hall was for a Memorial Day Weekend album release part, according to the Miami Herald. 20 to 25 victims suffered wounds as a result of the shooting and were taken to local hospitals according to CNN.

It was noted that two people died due to the shooting, and no one was taken into custody as of yet, according to police. Miami Dade Police Director Freddy Ramirez spoke on the incident, saying “We believe this is a targeted act of gun violence. This is a despicable act of gun violence, a cowardly act.” Stay tuned for more updates.

source: Miami Herald