Wish you could travel more often but don’t have the budget? In this article, Beauty and Tips gives you the lowdown on how to travel often and cheaply.

If you ask people what they’d like to do more of, many would say that they’d like to travel more. Travelling is a great way to spend our time; it opens us up to new experiences, takes us out of our comfort zone and challenges our perceptions. Plus, SUNSHINE. Most of us, however, don’t have the time or the budget. If you have the time but not the budget, it kinda sucks. However, there are ways around it. We’ve compiled the best money-saving tips from travel bloggers to help you get on a plane and go exploring more often. Let’s take a look!

Fly Indirect

How does the idea of flying indirect grab you? When we’re going on vacation with our family, we obviously want to get to our destination as soon as possible. The last thing we want is to wait 24 hours for a connecting flight with our mom and dad! But if you’re travelling solo, flying indirectly might be a good idea on how to travel cheap and often. It will definitely save you cash, as direct flights are always more expensive. If you’ve got time on your hands but not much money, make plans for a flight with a stopover.

Stay In Hostels

This is another great tip on how to travel cheap and often. If there’s one thing that frequent travellers do it’s stay in hostels. Five star hotels? Forget about it. They’re for holiday makers who get away once, maybe twice a year at the most. If you want to travel often and don’t have a massive budget, hostels are pretty much the only way to go. That’s not exactly a bad thing either. Hostels are a great way to make new friends and chat to fellow travellers. The atmospheres are usually exciting, there are bars to drink at and memories to create. Sure, you’ll have to share your room with strangers but it’s all part of the fun of being a traveller. Go do it! Bonus? Hostels usually have free food. Awesome!

Stay In Alternative Places

Did you know that some people travel the world and don’t even pay for accommodation? They don’t even pay for hostels! How do they do it? There are a few ways. Couch surfing is an internationally recognised system that lets people offer their couches to cash-strapped travellers for one or more nights. It’s a super cheap way for people to travel on a budget, though it won’t always be the cosiest. Another option is to sell your services to someone in exchange for accommodation. Consultants do this; they offer free consultations in exchange for a warm bed for a few nights.


Next tip on how to travel cheap and often is to do your homework, do your research. Imagine if you paid $20 for a meal that you could have got $7 cheaper down the road?! Do your research before you set off and find out where the most cost effective places are.

Work In Hostels

“WAIT A MINUTE,” we hear you say. “I’m going on holiday and you expect me to get a job?!” Well, you’re not going on holiday – you’re going travelling. And there’s a difference. To make their trips last longer, experienced travellers know that the money they have in the bank already simply won’t stretch far enough. So what do they do? They get a job while they’re out there. And it’s usually in a hostel. Working in a hostel as a cleaner or bar staff means that not only do you get to extend your stay, but you also get a degree of flexibility and you get free accommodation. It’s pretty much win-win.

Go During The Off Season

Another tip on how to travel cheap and often is to travel during the off season and it makes so much sense. During the peak season, prices rocket. Everything becomes expensive, and it’s just madness to go travelling during this time. Off peak season means there won’t be as many people around (which is surely a good thing?!) and it means that prices will be lower.

Hire a Car

If you drive, hiring a car abroad might be something you should start exploring. Hiring a car will almost always work out cheaper than relying on public transport the whole time, especially if you were planning to head out to different places each day. It’s possible in some countries to hire cars from as little as €15 a day. As well as the obvious savings, a hired car will also make it easier for you to get out and about. WIN.

Rent a Place with a Kitchen

If you decide that you don’t want a hostel in bed, the next best tip on how to travel cheap and often is to check out AirBnB accommodation and bag yourself a kitchen. A kitchen can save you so much money because you can cook your own food rather than dining out every night and day.

Forget the Souvenirs

Remember when you were a kid? As the holiday was winding down, your mom would spend the last day or two hunting down souvenirs for her friends and family back home. And, boy, would she spend a LOT. Souvenirs cost a lot of money but many people can’t help themselves. They have to take home all kinds of stuff! But now that you’re hoping to be a frequent traveller, it’s time to lighten the load on both your purse and your suitcase by avoiding the souvenir stands. Unless, of course, we’re talking about a simple fridge magnet or a postcard here.

Book As Much As You Can In Advance

Out final tip on how to travel cheap and often is to do your preparations. It won’t be possible to book absolutely everything in advance, because you won’t know what you plan on doing all the time, but try to book as much as you can in advance as doing so will save you a lot of money. For example, you could book your trains in advance, your accommodation in advance and so on. Prices always go up, so plan, schedule and book as soon as possible.

Stay happy!

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