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Drivers Grab at $175,000 That Fell Off Armored Truck on Atlanta Interstate


Drivers stopped on a busy Atlanta interstate after $175,000 fell off of an armored truck on Tuesday (July 9) evening. According to CNN, police responded to 911 calls that over 15 vehicles had stopped on the interstate to pick up the money.

Dunwoody Police released a statement, which read, “The armored car crew said the side door came open while they were driving and money spilled out onto 285. Officers and the truck crew gathered a few hundred dollars that was still there when officers arrived, but plenty was taken.”

Sgt. Robert Parsons added, “We have plenty of social media video, some of which seems to have tag numbers, to follow up on, but we really want people to come in, turn in the money and go on about their life without worrying about when the police are coming to find them.”

Parsons revealed that one man turned in $2,100, and another handed over $500 so far.

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