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New Zealand Received over 10,000 Firearms in Gun Buyback Program

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More than 10,000 guns have been bought back by the New Zealand government in less than a month.

The buyback scheme was introduced following the Christchurch terror shootings in March, where 51 people were killed in two mosques.

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According to reports, New Zealand police have received thousands of guns as part of the nationwide gun buyback program after a mass shooting in the country left 51 people dead. New Zealand issued an almost virtual ban on semi-automatic weapons after the Christchurch mosques shootings. This ban also included certain types of ammunition and large-capacity magazines.

The buyback program was announced in June and will extend to December 20. The program began procuring weapons in July and as of August 11, there have been 10,242 firearms handed over to police. An additional 1,269 people turned in weapons without compensation under the amnesty which allows them to in weapons anonymously with no questions asked.

NPR reports that state officials set aside roughly $129 million (USD) to pay for the program.

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