Oklahoma Man Freed After Serving 30 Years for Murder He Didn’t Commit


Tulsa, Oklahoma man Corey Atchinson served more than 28 years behind bars for the 1991 murder of James Wayne, and on Tuesday (July 16), he was freed after a judge overturned the conviction.

Tulsa County District Judge Sharon Holmes concluded that Atchinson was innocent of the shooting, which appeared to be a gang-related robbery back in 1990. Atchinson was 20-years-old when he was arrested six months after the incident, and he was sentenced to a life sentence for the murder. A single witness in the case admitted that he was coerced into testifying against the now 48-year-old man.

Atchinson reacted to the ruling by stating, “I don’t really know what I want to do, because my goal all these years was just to be free.” Atchison is eligible for up to $175,000 in compensation for a wrongful conviction under Oklahoma state law.

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