Post Malone Pays YG $20,000 Owed on NFL Bet from Nine Months Ago


Back in January, Post Malone revealed that he bet YG $20,000 during the NFC Championship Game between the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams. Posty ultimately lost the bet, and he finally paid up after sending his manager, Dre London, to deliver the cash to YG.

Dre London posted the video on Instagram, which shows him handing an envelope to YG, who reacted by saying, “It’s about muthaf*ckin’ time.” YG added, “I’ll see you again in the playoffs little young pimp. You’ll get your bet back.”

This comes after YG called out Post Malone for not paying up earlier this year, telling Power 106, “Posty is acting cheap. I can get why he’s cheap, ‘cause he don’t even get his hair done,” he joked, “I’m on Posty, he owe me money. He already know, when I see him, ‘Bro where are my dollars, where’s it at?”

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