Young Thug Tells T.I. He Expects Jay-Z to Show Him How to Become a Billionaire


Young Thug Speaks On Jay Z’s Deal w/ the NFL

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Young Thug Wants Jay Z to tell the world how to become a billionaire before he ever passes away

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Young Thug’s recent conversation with T.I. was caught on video, including Thug telling Tip that he expects Jay-Z to show him how to become a billionaire.

After T.I. told Young Thug, “A motherf***er ain’t gotta tell you sh*t,” Young Thug responded by saying, “Yes they do. You must teach what’s taught.” He added, “I expect Jay-Z to tell me how to become a billionaire before he passes away.” When T.I. asks if he just wants Jay-Z to tell him, Young Thug says that he wants Jay to tell the world, but he added that he for sure wants Jay to tell him. You can hear his full statement above.

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